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The Cause and Solution of Printer Offline Problem

There is a case that you get a sign such as “printer is offline” and then you are asking about why is my printer offline. Automatically, you can’t print anything. It will be confusing if you need to print the data urgently. Let’s talk a little bit the cause and how to solve this kind of… Read More »

How To Use HP Printer Plugin Service

Hp Printer Plugin service is an app from HP that work for android device and allows user for sending any document from android device into a printer use same network to connect. Off course, to do this procedure, it should be printer that from series of HP inkjet or Hp Laserjet series. The apps itself is… Read More »

How to Get Printer Online in Windows 7, 8 and 10

How to Get Printer Online in Windows 7, 8 and 10 – When we are in a rush, having printer offline can be annoying. Printer becomes offline usually because of few reasons such as paper jam or out of paper. Once we fix the problems, we should change the computer back online manually or else your… Read More »

How to Find Printer IP Address on the Network

How to find printer IP address actually is easy. If you follow the guide from us, you can find the IP address easily. But, before you proceed the steps, it is best to consider the questions below. Does the printer have display menu? What does the types of computer or laptop you use, Windows or… Read More »

Guide to Connect AirPrint Printer to Mac

For those who use Mac must have heard about AirPrint printer, but there are people who still don’t know how to connect printer to Mac. AirPrint is the newest technology from Apple which allow you to print high quality pictures or document without downloading or installing the driver. Major printer manufacturers have included AirPrint technology… Read More »