Determining How Much Is A 3D Printer

By | April 4, 2017

How Much Is A 3D Printer maybe becomes a question which people will not ask several years ago. Printer is not a strange thing for modern people for sure because they use it a lot for their daily activity. The printer will be used not only in the house or office but also in the industry. However, it is kind of printer which is used for printing 2D result. People have imagined about the printer which can print 3D result. It is not only imagination nowadays because the technology of 3D printing is real. It is not difficult to find the 3D printer from various brands. If people want to know about it price, they have to understand about the different use of the 3D printer first.

3D Printer

3D Printer

Entry Level

Well, maybe people will not categorize this printer category as printer because it is more like toys. However, people can make sure that it will be a great for experimenting as well as learning about 3D printing. The printing object only has small measurement 3-4 inches in lengths, width, as well as height. The print quality is poor. While printing, it is not only slow but also noisy. It will not be durable as well. The price is from $200 to $400.


The printing object is a little bit bigger than the entry level one. The performance is a bit faster as well. Different materials can be used for printing as well. However, people can experience the low print quality and speed often. With price from $300-1500, this printer can be a great choice for hobbyists who have patience for waiting the process.


The printer in this category can help people to get solid printing product after all. The printer will be able to deliver the printing object in good size. The speed is reasonable with print quality which is decent. This printer can be bought with $1500-3500.


This printer has ability for printing the object with large build. Of course the quality can be good as well. Wide range materials can be used for printing with this printer. To get this printer, people have to prepare $3500-6000.


Last but not least, there is industrial 3D printer which comes with greater specification in every single aspect. With $20000-100000 price range, people will get high quality printing object at the good speeds. This can be the highest price which people can find when they are asking about How Much Is A 3D Printer.

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