How To Use HP Printer Plugin Service

By | April 26, 2017

Hp Printer Plugin service is an app from HP that work for android device and allows user for sending any document from android device into a printer use same network to connect. Off course, to do this procedure, it should be printer that from series of HP inkjet or Hp Laserjet series. The apps itself is available for android with platform minimum 4.4. The Hp printer plug in is great tool for those who need to print any document comfort with android device.

How To Use HP Printer Plugin Service

Before you use this app, first is follow this requirement. Download the app from Google app store or from other source. Ensure that the source is safety and secure. In addition after you download the app, before install it, then ensure that the printer and android device are suitable with the requirements appropriately. Ensure that you have set up the printer hardware. Ensure the printer and android is connected with same wireless network and ensure that the android device is having platform at least 4.o and higher. Second, now you can install the Hp printer plug in service. From the android device, install or update the hp printer plug in service. After the installation process complete, choose the method that you need to turn on the printer plug in. if you have android device with 7.0 version (nougat) the Hp print plug in service will turn automatically when the installation complete. If you are first time install the Hp Printer Plugin service, then swipe down home screen for find the Hp Printer Plugin service install. Tap the Hp Printer Plugin service button and turn on. If it is necessary then you can turn off other print service.  

Next, after the installation is fit well, then you can print any documents, photo, emails and even webpages just from your android devices. To print the picture or document in your android, then open the item that you need to print before. Click the menu with icon < :> and then tap the <print> menu. There will be a preview print screen display appears. Next, select the printer. Click on to down arrow ▼ to see the printer list available and then choose the selected printer. To print to over network, choose the HP printer series name from your available printer list before. The other option if you print from wifi direct, choose direct Hp (and printer model name). Tap again the down arrow ▼if you need to change any settings.

How To Use HP Printer Plugin Service Video

HP Print Service Plugin Download

You can download HP Print Service Plugin directly from Google Play Store, here the link

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