HP Instant Ink Printers Eligible List

By | April 26, 2017
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HP Instant Ink Printers – Having eligible Hp Instant Ink Printers will give you convenient way for printing any document you need in fast without worrying your ink run out. The HP instant ink service is service for ink replacement cartridge service. If you want to subscribe, then you need to enroll into eligible printer that available for Instant ink plan service. With this service, you will not require to buy the ink replacement cartridges from stores. You will delivered the ink you need based on the plans you subscribed.

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HP Instant Ink Printers

If you are curious whether your printer is eligible or not for using Hp instant Ink, then look at the list below.

  • HP ENVY series. It should be Hp ENVY with series of HP Envy 4500 series, HP Envy 5530 series, HP Envy 5560 series and HP Envy 7640 series.

  • For HP OfficeJet series, you can use with HP officejet 4630 series, 5740 series, 8040 series with Neat, HP Officejetpro 6830 series, Office jet pro 8610 series, HP office jet pro 8620 series, and Hp office jet pro 8630 series.

Here, if you do not find your printer listed, then it is not eligible for the HP printer instant ink service. There are subscription levels and monthly fees that based from the number of pages that you are able to print, not from the amount of ink that you use. The printed number is from your expectation for print every month. There are up to 50 pages with $3 in a month, 100 pages a month with $5, and with $10 a month for printing 300 pages. The printer will be connected into internet and will reports the monthly usage when you use your Hp printer instant ink.  The ink cartridge level also reported from printer. If the printer starts with low Ink running, then Hp will automatically send the ink replacement.  The replacement of ink service can take up into 10 days for arrive.

The Hp instant Ink printer is bigger and it can contain with more ink from standard cartridge and it can last longer. The service is unable to purchase from the retailers or returned into retailers. This service just available for Hp instant ink service and it is the property from Hp. When you subscribe the HP instant printer ink service, then you need to fill personal information with HP third parties due to service provides allowed. These personal information are includes name, city address, email, zip code, cartridge type, date of service and others.

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