What Is A 3D Printer? The History of 3D Printer

By | May 1, 2017
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What Is A 3D Printer? The 3D printer is unlike a regular printer. 3D printing is also known as Additive Layer Manufacturing. This is a process to create three-dimensional objects using digital models. The workings of this printer are the same as a laser printer. The technique used is to make the object of a number of layers printed on top of each other layer.

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What Is A 3D Printer

This technology has been evolving since the 1980s and has not been widely known by the manufacturer. In 2010, the printing press was already famous and become commercially viable. The first 3D printer made by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems Corp. in 1984. The technology is growing and is used in the model or industries such as biotech, geographic information systems, fashion, medical industry, military, automotive and architecture.

Direct 3D Printer

Printers with this type of direct use inkjet technology. It is a technology that has been used since 1960 when the use of the 2D printer. Inkjet will move back and forth to produce liquid. In 2D printers, inkjet will move horizontally and in 3D printers, inkjet will move diagonally or vertically to produce liquid. Fluid emitted is not ink but a plastic polymer and wax.

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Binder 3D Printer

Printer with the type of binder has the same working process with the inkjet nozzle. This printer will pour the liquid to form each layer of material that is printed by the printer. The difference between the type of binder and the printer is printing direct use two separate materials. First, dry powder to be poured and given liquid glue to form a bond. This step is done until the process is completed correctly.

Photo Polymerization

The name of this printer comes from the word of the photo that means light and polymer which means chemical compound plastics. This printer can be regarded as a printer that works by dripping liquid plastic to provide a form of ultraviolet laser irradiation. The irradiation process can change a liquid into a solid.


Printers of this type have a working process involving solid particles and through the irradiation process. This process is called Selective Laser Sintering or SLS. It is the process of printer works by using a laser to melt the plastic powder. The plastic powder will freeze and form a layer that is ready to be molded into the shape you want. Printers with this type are suitable for printing material made of metal. The manufacturing process of the metal requires a mechanism from solid to liquid and solid. The advantage that you get by using this printer is a high level of precision.

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